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3D Way Finder

Today, smart devices are an irreplaceable part of our lives. We wanted to get into the digital world and colour up your shopping experience with a digital touch. 

[Translate to English:] [Translate to Turkish:] Photo Buzzer

The visitors can took photos and show their creativity with PhotoBuzzer. They can download their photos via QR Code. If they wish, they can share on Marmara Park’s Facebook page, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts.

[Translate to English:] [Translate to Turkish:] Mallwall

Our visitors can play funny games, take a look at the photos taken on PhotoBuzzer and keep in touch with the current discounts on Mall Wall giant screen.

[Translate to English:] [Translate to Turkish:] Teleskop

The children can play enjoyable scape games and collect points with digital wristlet at Space Travel.      

[Translate to English:] [Translate to Turkish:] Edutianment

Edutainment is the compound of the words Education and Entertainment. Edutainment area is for everyone who are interested in the solar system and the planets.

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